Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Which Double Hearts Should I Choose?

The One That Best Reflects Your True Secret Personality.

Look for a Double Hearts that you feel connected to. The one with features that “speak” to you. The one with color combinations that have meaning to you. Ask yourself this: If I were to look at myself in a mirror, which Double Hearts would I see in the mirror.

How unique are Double Hearts Traits?

Unique Design

All 66,000 Double Hearts have the same family feeling and overall concept design. Each ZLUF Double Hearts NFT is unique and programmatically generated from over 100 possible color traits.

Once the Collection is sold-out, no more Double Hearts NFTs will be offered … ever.

How to buy a Double Hearts NFT

 You can choose and buy your Double Hearts NFT on opensea.

Once purchased on Opensea you can login in to your ZLUF Club account and enjoy the benefits of the Club.

To access members-only areas such as The ZLUF CLUB, Double Hearts holders will need to be signed into their free Metamask Wallet.


What blockchain are Double Hearts NFTs on?

The Double Hearts are stored on the Polygon blockchain and hosted on IPFS. (See Record and Proof.)