Double Hearts Luxury Pet Bandana


Luxury at its best.

A world class luxury pet bandana for discerning pet lovers.
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Silver Collection

You and your pet deserve it.

Your pet is special, their pet bandana can be too! The Silver Collection Luxury Pet Bandana is made of the highest-quality extra strong ecological friendly fabric, making it durably soft yet extremely resistant to the force and wear and tear of all breeds.

Silver Double Hearts.

The double hearts, often depicted as two intertwined hearts, is a symbol commonly associated with love and affection. Its intertwining nature suggests a bond that is unbreakable and eternal. When applied to the relationship between humans and pets, the double heart symbolizes the profound love, loyalty, and emotional connection shared between the two.

Black Gift Box.

ZLUF Silver Bandana is shipped in a black gift box with ZLUF logo and packaging protection material.